Our Approach

Experience means everything in our business and yours. Our Field Personnel are professional and experienced dating back to the 1970s.

Our Story

We created this company to service the Texas and New Mexico areas.

Management and Sales

Liz La Ferney liz@bigetx.com CEO

Mike La Ferney mike@bigetx.com 432-556-6370

Ken Snow ken@bigetx.com 432-553-2728 President

Easton Harrold easton@bigetx.com 432-556-0213 Vice President

Lana Snow lana@bigetx.com  432-550-2443 HR/Safety

Cody Winter cody@bigetx.com 432-634-4023 Sales

Sonny Hernandez sonny@bigetx.com 432-250-8426 Sales

Frank Stapp frank@bigetx.com 432-235-9419  Sales

Johnny Howell johnny@bigetx.com 432-557-1447 Operations Manager

Manny Muro manny@bigetx.com 575-825-5054 Bulk Plant Manager

Ethan Uranga ethan@bigetx.com 817-832-7206 Sales

Rigoberto (Rigo) Guijarro rigoberto@bigetx.com 632-670-9613 Lab Manager

John Garza john@bigetx.com 806-252-8713 Assistant Operations Manager

Big E Services Main Yard 2
Big E Services Main Yard 1


 Big E Services, LLC
6106 Cargo Rd
Odessa, Texas 79762
Phone: 432-550-2443
FAX: 432-242-2922